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Although BMWs have been rightfully revered for decades for being some of the most reliable and powerful vehicles on the market, as with any other vehicle, they are still susceptible to certain issues every now and then. Clutch repairs are a common requirement for a number of BMW models. Thankfully, there are several specific signs that will indicate when the clutch in your BMW is about to fail. In this article, we will cover what makes the clutch so important, as well as what signs to look out for in order to prevent extensive clutch failure.

Why the Clutch Matters

BMWs with a manual transmission always contain a clutch assembly. The ways in which the clutch operates are fairly complex, but essentially, this assembly functions to disrupt the flow of power between your BMW’s engine and transmission. The clutch is used to change gears while the engine is still running and also to keep your BMW in park. Without a clutch assembly, it would be impossible to effectively shift the gears in your BMW, which would make the vehicle incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to drive.

Signs of Clutch Failure

As the term “assembly” implies, the clutch in a BMW is made up of several different components. All of these parts of the clutch are capable of malfunctioning, which may or may not lead to complete clutch failure.

Some of the parts that may stop working include the pressure plates, clutch plates, and the flywheel. If you take your BMW to a mechanic that specializes in the brand, they can typically detect the subtle signs of a clutch issue relatively early. However, the following signs are helpful indicators that will allow you to determine if your BMW is in need of a clutch repair:

Problems Shifting Gears

Since the clutch’s ability to function directly impacts the effectiveness of your BMW’s transmission, one of the first indicators of a clutch issue is difficulty or an inability to shift gears. If you notice any unusual resistance while attempting to shift gears, schedule a service appointment with a skilled mechanic as soon as possible, as driving your BMW while it is in this condition is very dangerous.

Slipping Out of Gears

Sometimes, instead of hesitating, gears will slip while you are operating your BMW if there is a clutch problem. This sign is the most noticeable when you are attempting to accelerate. The clutch pedal might feel loose all of a sudden, as if there is no longer any resistance at all. As with the previous sign, you should stop driving your BMW as safely and as quickly as possible, call for a tow to an expert mechanic immediately.

Poor Acceleration

Poor acceleration is directly related to the gears slipping. You may also observe that your BMW’s engine is still able to rev but the vehicle will not accelerate very much at all.

Spongy or Vibrating Clutch Pedal

Any changes in the elasticity of the clutch pedal itself are another common sign of a clutch issue. Thankfully, you should be familiar with the typical feeling of how the clutch pedal in your BMW gives and takes, so you will realize if there is a notable change in the flexibility of the clutch pedal. If the pedal vibrates harshly, gives easily, or starts to stick, the clutch assembly needs to be inspected.

Unusual Squeaking Noises

As the clutch pedal does not normally make noise, it can be concerning when it starts to squeak. Should this happen, the clutch pedal is probably in the process of declining.

Motor Cars International Will Help

All of our mechanics at Motor Cars International are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified. We specialize in servicing BMWs and BMW Clutch Repair other popular European automotive brands, including Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Land Rover, and Porshe.

Our company has implemented a unique service program for each of these brands. Motor Cars International is so dedicated to providing quality service for European vehicles that clients travel to our location in Bridgewater from Easton, Norton, Raynham, Sharon, and other surrounding parts of MA to rely on our expertise.

If you are interested in learning more about our qualifications or scheduling routine service appointments, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our mechanics always conduct a complete clutch inspection during an appointment, so if clutch issues are a current concern for your BMW, you can come to us. We look forward to becoming your preferred BMW service center.

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