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European Auto Suspension Repairs for Bridgewater Drivers

European Auto Suspension Repair

Does your car feel like the bottom is going to fall out every time you hit a speed bump? Are you feeling every little bump in the road whenever you drive? Chances are you don’t think too much about your car’s suspension until you start to experience these kinds of issues. But in reality, your car’s annual appointments should always include checking the suspension. As you continue to drive, wear and tear is always going to occur, but issues come from smaller problems and signs of wear and tear not being caught early. At Motor Cars International we help European auto owners take better care of their car’s suspension with complete services and maintenance programs. For years we’ve been the Bridgewater area’s go-to shop for European auto suspension services and repairs.

Servicing the Most Popular Brands

At Motor Cars International, we pride ourselves on taking care of everything your car needs. That’s why our ASE certified mechanics specialize in the area’s most popular European brands:

With decades of experience working with these brands, our mechanics understand exactly what your car needs when it comes to any suspension issues. Using the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available, we work with you to determine exactly what your suspension needs and the best possible way to get any issues taken care of.

Complete Suspension Maintenance Guaranteed

Your car’s suspension is actually part of the chassis, which makes up all the important systems under your car’s body. As far as your suspension is concerned, there are three fundamental components that need to be serviced annually:

  • Springs
  • Dampers
  • Anti-Sway Bars

When you visit our shop, we inspect your car’s suspension and all the systems of your car’s chassis. The result is better, more comprehensive preventative maintenance that ensures your suspension and entire car are issue-free. By working with you to provide the best, clearest services possible, we guarantee faster, better service and a car that looks and feels like new with every visit. We stand by the quality of our work and also offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor.

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Motor Cars International is proud to help drivers throughout Bridgewater and surrounding areas including:

If you’re noticing signs of a looser suspension or for routine maintenance, please call or visit our shop today to schedule your next appointment.

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