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Mercedes is not only known as opulent but is noted for its engineering feats. A top seller for quality-minded owners who want to own a high-end European car, the Mercedes is known for going mile after mile.

The superior engineering which goes into these vehicles requires excellent servicing to keep them running as designed. Issues can arise if your Mercedes­ is not adequately maintained. One problem that may occur is gear slippage in your transmission. In this article, we will look at gear slippage in your Mercedes and what to do if it occurs.

Symptoms of Transmission Gear Slippage

Gear slipping is felt as your car accelerates from a stop to full speed. You will notice when slippage occurs as your car will tend to rev to higher RPMs than usual before shifting. When your vehicle does shift, you will feel a jerking movement in the vehicle. You may also hear a whining sound coming from your transmission area and possibly high temperatures from overheating. Usually, a check engine light will illuminate when your transmission becomes faulty.

Common Causes of Gear Slippage

Low Transmission Fluid

One of the main reasons your transmission will slip is from having low transmission fluid. The fluid in your transmission acts with hydraulic force to shift gears. If the fluid level is too low, it cannot build up enough pressure to force a transmission to shift.

Contaminated Transmission Fluid

Not only can transmission fluid be low in your car, but if it becomes dirty or burnt due to overheating, it will be ineffective in your transmission, causing slippage. A professional Mercedes technician is trained to know if your transmission fluid is in good condition or needs to be changed.

Worn Gears

Gears will eventually wear with normal driving, although with the proper maintenance, this result will most likely take years to show itself. When the teeth of the gears are worn and do not make proper contact with each other in your transmission, they will slip when trying to shift to the next gear.

Shift Solenoid Failure

Your Mercedes transmission has solenoids that control the flow of fluid within your transmission. When these components become faulty, the correct amount of fluids will not exist to shift gears in your transmission properly.

Faulty Torque Converter

Torque converters in your transmission act the same as a clutch in a manual transmission. If this component fails, it will cause the same symptoms as not receiving the proper amount of fluid to shift gears.

Clogged Transmission Filter

Just as with oil filters, your transmission filters keep your transmission fluid clean and operational. When a filter becomes clogged, it will not allow fluid to flow properly, which will result in your car, not shifting gears.

If your vehicle is properly maintained according to Mercedes service recommendations, this should not become an issue. Your Mercedes technician knows how to spot any fluid or filter issues before they become a problem. Also, they will change your filter at the recommended times to prevent any issues from happening.

Clogged Transmission Lines

Transmission lines carry your hydraulic fluid for shifting. If they become clogged, you will not have enough pressure to shift gears when accelerating.

Using the Wrong Transmission Fluid

Many do-it-yourself owners try and save money by changing their own vehicle’s oils and fluids. One problem that may arise is if you use the wrong type of transmission fluid. Different types of fluids have different properties which are designed for the transmission model intended. Accidentally using the wrong transmission fluid can destroy an automatic transmission.

How to Avoid Gear Slippage

The good news is, other than years of wear on an older model Mercedes, your transmission can last for as long as you own the vehicle. This Mercedes Gear Issues Fix can be accomplished with the proper routine maintenance recommended by Mercedes and your professional technician.

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