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The thermostat housing is one of those parts of a car that doesn’t get much attention. But guess what: a glitch in a part that seems so trivial can contribute to an array of different issues that you never knew existed. So if your Mercedes’ thermostat housing is leaking, don’t take it for granted. Act promptly to trace the leak to its source and get it fixed before it turns into an expensive repair. Listed below are some of the reasons why a vehicle’s thermostat housing may start leaking and things that can be done about it.

Thermostat Housing: What Is It & Why Your Mercedes Need One?

In a nutshell, the sole purpose of a vehicle’s thermostat housing is to encase the thermostat- the part that regulates coolant circulation between the engine and the radiator. Made of aluminum and/or plastic, thermostat housing is designed to withstand extreme temperature and facilitate controlled coolant circulation between the engine and the radiator. It has two ports- one linked to the radiator while the other one is connected to the engine.

Although it is designed to withstand extreme temperature, it can get damaged over time. A part of such significance, if wears out, can contribute to a plethora of cooling system related-issues and may even lead to engine overheating. So if it occurs to you that there is something off with your Mercedes’ thermostat housing, get to its bottom ASAP.

Signs Your Mercedes’ Thermostat Housing Is Leaking

Sign #1- Coolant puddle under car

Since the thermostat housing facilitates coolant circulation between the engine and the radiator; if it gets cracked, coolant will pour out. So if you notice coolant puddle under your Mercedes, take swift action before the crack on the housing empties your Mercedes’ coolant reserve. In addition to a cracked thermostat housinga blown radiator hose, a defective radiator tube, and a fractured coolant seal can also contribute to coolant leak in a vehicle.

Sign #2- Engine overheating

Isn’t it obvious? A crack on the thermostat housing of your Mercedes can result in unsanctioned coolant loss. Depleted coolant level could significantly limit the cooling system’s ability to perform its assigned task- which is to keep the engine temperature within a specific range. As a result, the engine will run hot- and may eventually overheat. Obstructed coolant flow because of a defective thermostat housing could also contribute to engine overheating in a vehicle.

Sign #3- Visible wear and tear

When was the last time you had your Mercedes’ thermostat housing checked? Has it been a while? Thermostat housing doesn’t get the attention it deserves… If you don’t want you vehicle’s cooling system to act up, you should check on its thermostat housing from time to time. If you notice wear marks on the housing during the visual inspection, consider replacing it immediately. Because ignoring those wear marks may land you in serious trouble.

Risks Of Driving With A Leaking Thermostat Housing

#1- Reduced cooling system efficiency

A sporadic circulation of coolant is what keeps a car engine temperature contained. If the thermostat housing gets cracked and coolant pours out, the cooling system’s ability to keep the engine temperature within a set limit will diminish drastically. Reduced cooling system efficiency may cause engine overheating among other issues.

#2- Ineffective car heater

The engine cooling system is not the only part that will suffer- should something bad happen to the thermostat housing. A defective thermostat housing can put your Mercedes’ heater in jeopardy- contributing to climate control system failure among other issues.

Steps To Follow If Mercedes’ Thermostat Housing Leaks Out

#1- Visual inspection

If coolant is leaking out of your Mercedes and you think the thermostat housing has something to do with it, arrange a quick visual check of the housing. If you notice wear marks on the concerned part, consider replacing the.

#2- A mechanic can help

Replacing a defective thermostat housing is a very challenging task that requires a very specific set of skill and equipment. So if your Mercedes’ thermostat housing is leaking, reach out to the nearest service center to have it replaced.

Fix Your Mercedes’ Leaky Thermostat Housing At Motor Cars International

A leaky thermostat housing, if goes undiagnosed, Mercedes Thermostat Housing Leak Check can contribute to expensive repairs in a vehicle. So if it occurs to you that your Mercedes’ thermostat housing is leaking coolant, don’t fool yourself into believing that it is a trivial issue. Visit our Motor Cars International facility in Bridgewater, MA, and have your vehicle’s thermostat housing checked by certified professionals. We also welcome Mercedes owners of neighboring cities including Easton, Norton, Raynham, and Sharon. Call us to schedule your Mercedes thermostat housing service today!

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