Your Audi’s intake valve allows air and fuel to enter your engine. Problems with your intake valve can disrupt this important process and can prevent your car from working properly. We will take you through the consequences of this problem, the signs of it, and how the excellent mechanics at Motor Cars International can solve your intake-valve issues.

Problems with Intake Valves

Burned and bent valves are the maladies most likely to impact your intake valve. Burned valves occur when the valve can no longer seal due to damage from exposure to high temperatures. Valve seals are used to prevent oil from leaking out of the valves and into the rest of the engine. Burning usually occurs either because the car overheats or because the wrong type of fuel has been used. Engines usually overheat because of problems in the cooling system.

Bent valves, which disrupt the timing of the intake process, occur when the valve makes contact with a piston. Finally, excessive oil consumption can damage your valve seals.

A few common mistakes may increase the likelihood of valve disruptions. If you do not check your oil level periodically and change your oil when necessary, drive with an overheated engine, or ignore your check engine light, you are more likely to have damaged valves.

That being said, perfect car maintenance does not guarantee perfect valves, so any of the symptoms below should prompt you to see a highly-trained mechanic no matter how well you have maintained your Audi.

Driving with damaged valves can cause serious problems. Damaged valves can cause your catalytic converter (a device designed to control emissions) to break apart. This can prevent exhaust from leaving as it normally should, severely harming your engine’s ability to generate power. Eventually, this can cause complete failure of your engine, which is a very good reason to see a mechanic if you suspect valve damage.

Signs of a Damaged Intake Valve

A damaged intake valve will severely alter the way your engine works, and there are several warning symptoms. Some of these may also reflect problems with other valves, or other components of your Audi, but a mechanic will be able to identify the source of damage.

  • Cold Engine Test: According to KB Delta, you can run a test after leaving your car overnight in the cold. Check the top of the cylinder head, which is located inside the valve cover. Any residual oil on it is a sign that you may have a damaged valve seal, and you should see a mechanic.
  • Idling: Excessive idling at stop signs and red lights is a sign of valve defects.
  • Excessive Smoke: Though your exhaust pipe will always produce some output, you may notice excessive smoke exiting your exhaust pipe if you have a damaged valve. Blue smoke, in particular, is a reason to suspect that the cause is a damaged valve.
  • Weakened Engine: A faulty valve may cause your engine to struggle to propel your Audi. If you find your car does not respond like it normally does to pressure on the gas pedal, the culprit may be your intake valve. Of course, there are also numerous other issues that can diminish your horsepower. A mechanic will be able to ascertain whether the problem is your valve. Regardless, a weak engine is cause for concern even if you suspect it has nothing to do with your valves.
  • Engine Backfiring: A bad valve may cause your engine to backfire, which occurs when you hear a loud popping noise, and your Audi loses power. This should prompt you to see a mechanic immediately.
  • Sounds: In addition to backfiring sounds, damaged valves can cause several different strange sounds in your engine. Watch out for rattling or tapping sounds in particular.

Motor Cars International Will Help

We know that damaged valves may really Audi Intake Valve Replacement damage your Audi, and non-experts may feel ill-equipped to solve the problem. Luckily, our skilled mechanics can help.

At Motor Cars International, located in Bridgewater, MA, we are proud to offer excellent service no matter what your need, and that includes damaged valves. We are located about 45 minutes South of Boston, and we are proud to serve areas including Easton, Norton, Raynham, Sharon, and Bridgewater. Call us today to set up a convenient appointment for your Audi.

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