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The automotive industry and technology have a long history and partnership. As we look to the future of the automotive industry, we just see this partnership becoming stronger. Each year, the technology that goes into our vehicles just becomes more and more advanced.

Some of the technology is purely for cosmetic purposes, but other technological advances in vehicles have greatly impacted performance, safety, and maintenance. In this tech-heavy age, computers control and monitor much of our car system and directly influence vehicle performance.

The Saving Grace: Check Engine Light

One of the greatest displays of technological advancement in vehicles is the check engine light. When your vehicle’s diagnostic system detects an issue that it can’t fix, it is able to warn you. This is where the check engine light comes in.

This light on your dashboard acts as the voice of a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system and warns drivers that they need to bring their vehicle into the shop and inspected by a professional.

All vehicles have an onboarding diagnostic system including Audis. In the automotive industry, Audi is central to the advancement of technology in vehicles. In fact, Audi believes that progress through technology is the ideology behind the four rings that represent their brand. Because of this, you can be sure that your Audi’s check engine light will let you know when it’s time to bring your vehicle into the shop.

Common Reasons for Illumination of the CEL

Here are a few reasons why your Audi’s check engine light might be on.

Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor Needs to be Replaced

The mass airflow (MAF) sensor is part of the engine’s management system. The MAF measures the amount of air entering your Audi’s engine to determine how much fuel is needed to effectively run the engine. This sensor helps adjust the car to major changes like a change in altitude. The check engine light may be on due to a faulty sensor or filter, which can cause low fuel efficiency and an increase of emissions from your car.

Loose Gas Cap

This is one of the most simple reasons for the check engine light being on. A loose gas cap is usually caused because of driver error and is a simple fix. A loose gas cap means the tight seal needed to keep fuel vapors from leaking is missing. This causes the onboard diagnostic to think there is a problem and triggers the check engine light on the dashboard.

Faulty Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen sensors in your Audi regulate the mixture of fuel and air your engine releases. When the sensors are faulty, your Audi may burn more fuel than normal. Over time and left untreated, this can cause damage to the spark plugs and catalytic converter in your Audi.

A Faulty Catalytic Converter

A faulty catalytic converter is the most serious reason for the check engine light to be on in your Audi. The catalytic converter is a complex system that is responsible for changing harmful engine gasses, like carbon monoxide, into safer emissions. A faulty catalytic converter creates a harmful situation for you, other drivers, and the environment.

Motor Cars International will Diagnose Check Engine Light Warnings

If your check engine light is simply lit up on your dashboard, there is not a need to panic and rush to your mechanic. However, if Audi Broken Catalytic Converteryour Audi’s check engine light is flashing, you need to bring your Audi into the shop immediately, because there is a major problem within your vehicle.

If your check engine light is flashing, the ASE-certified mechanics at Motor Cars International are here to help. We are dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable maintenance to all our customers. Our shop is the preferred service center for drivers in the surrounding communities of Easton, Norton, Raynham, Sharon, Bridgewater, MA.

Our shop has everything needed to provide quality care for your vehicle. Motor Cars International offers ASE-certified mechanics, factory-grade tools and equipment, and same-day service whenever possible. To ensure you have the best experience possible, we offer pick-up and drop off services, towing services, detail service, and complimentary loaner cars.

No matter the severity of your vehicle problems, come to Motor Cars International for quality service that provides the performance and safety you expect from your vehicle.

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