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Excess oil consumption is very tricky because sometimes, the only apparent signs you get is that your BMW is using more oil than usual as indicated on the dashboard gauge. When you notice that your BMW is burning oil compared to how it used to, you need to act fast to save your engine.

The cause of high oil consumption is more severe than you think. There is a big chance that your engine has some internal faults, and if not checked on time can lead to more significant issues. This article will cover the potential causes of excessive oil consumption and steps you should take if you notice that your BMW is consuming more oil than usual.

Potential Causes of High Oil Consumption

If you notice an increase in oil consumption, there’s a good chance that your car has one or more worn-out parts. Here are other potential causes of increased oil consumption.

Bad Quality Oil

The oil quality plays a significant role in its functioning. Each manufacturer has varying recommendations, and it is best to stick to your manufacturer’s advice to get the best result. Besides spending more on oil due to excessive consumption, when you ignore your manufacturer’s recommendation, you also risk causing extensive or irreparable damage to your engine.

Furthermore, the engine requires clean oil for adequate lubrication. Running on dirty oil will negatively impact the engine lubrication and also cause the engine to consume more oil.

Worn Seals or Gaskets

If your BMW’s valve cover gasket or crankshaft gets damaged, there’s a big chance that you will experience oil leakage. If this happens, your engine will lose oil when you are driving. Once you suspect that your seals or gasket is leaking, change them as soon as you can to avoid further oil loss.

Worn-out PCV Valve

The PVC system, short for positive crankcase ventilation, is an essential component of your BMW engine. It prevents the emission of harmful gases generated during engine combustion by directing all excess gases back to the combustion chamber for a second combustion cycle for cleaner emissions.

There will be oil blowback if there’s a fault or the PCV system gets blocked. This means that the oil will be sucked into the engine rather than removing the combustion gases. This will inevitably lead to more oil consumption.

Worn Piston Rings

If your piston rings are worn out or damaged, they won’t seal correctly, allowing oil to seep through and enter the combustion chamber. This will lead to more oil burn while the carbon deposit will be left on the cylinder and piston rings.

Your car oil level will constantly reduce, leading to frequent oil changes with the above factor. If you find yourself in this situation, the best solution is to change your piston rings.

How to Prevent Excessive Oil Consumption

All the causes listed above are preventable by doing the following:

  • Ensure you use top-quality oil recommended by your manufacturer, since lower quality oil will burn out quickly.
  • Replacing your PCV valve is another fantastic way to reduce excess oil consumption. If your PCV is worn out, make sure you change it as soon as possible.
  • Conduct a thorough check on your car engine and watch out for oil leaks. Contact a professional to investigate and make the appropriate fix if you notice any sign of oil leaks.

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If you notice that your BMW consumes more oil than usual, check for the potential causes listed above. If not fixed in time, it can lead BMW Valve Cover Gasket Check to severe engine damage. Don’t spend heavily on what can be prevented; instead, visit Motor Cars International to have your BMW repaired by certified experts!

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