Have you noticed that your car is leaking oil? No one wants to see that dreaded oil stain in their garage, on their driveway, or even when they are walking back to their car from a long day of working or shopping.

If your Land Rover is experiencing an engine oil leak, you will want to know more about what could be causing it, how big of an issue it really is, and how to get it fixed. Keep reading to find the answers to your most pressing questions about the oil leak in your vehicle.

Oil Leaks in Your Land Rover

The first thing you will want to figure out is if your Land Rover really is leaking oil or not. Sometimes the answer to this question is pretty obvious, as you will see a dark puddle forming under your car. However, there are also times where the answer is not apparent. Sometimes your car is leaking oil, but there is no puddle for you to see. The actual oil leak can be happening within the engine. It could be leaking onto various internal components of your car. In this case, the symptom of the oil leak could be that you smell burnt oil.

To prevent oil leaks and the resulting problems, your best course of action is to regularly check your oil level. You will also want to have a regular schedule to check the color of the oil and its viscosity. If you notice that the oil levels start to decrease faster, it is time to take your Land Rover to your trusted mechanic or garage for a more thorough inspection.

Common Reasons for an Engine Oil Leak in Your Land Rover

Once you determine whether or not your oil is leaking, you may be the type of car owner who wants to know why it occurred and how to prevent it in the future. We’ve listed some common reasons below:

  • Damage to the Pans or Gaskets: The pans and the gaskets are located at the bottom of the engine, making them closer to the road. Because of their placement, they are more easily damaged by rough roads, rough driving, gravel, or other flying debris.
  • Loose or Broken Filter Cap: The oil cap is the seal you unscrew to check and fill up your oil. If this becomes loose or broken, oil can splash up during driving. This is easily replaced by your mechanic to stop this from happening.
  • Oil Filter: When people check, change, and add new oil, they often forget about the oil filter. The oil filter needs to be changed frequently, just like your oil. When it is not changed, it can get worn down and become loose or misaligned.

Can I Drive with an Engine Oil Leak?

Although you should get to the mechanic as soon as you can, if the leak is small and your mechanic is close, you should be able to drive yourself there. If you have a more extensive oil leak, it is best to have your car towed in to prevent any further damage.

If your engine is leaking enough oil to make a puddle, it should not be driven. Besides leaking oil all over the ground, you run the risk of harming your engine. If you starve your engine of oil, you run the risk of the engine seizing. If this occurs, you will either need to rebuild the engine or repair it. This could cost in the thousands of dollars to repair when it could have been avoided with a simple inspection of the oil system.

Having a Professional Fix Your Oil Leak

Once you discover or suspect that you have a problem, it is recommended that you take your Land Rover to an expert technician. If an oil leak is not treated and turns more serious where engine damage is a possibility, you may not be able to fix that on your own.

When your potential issue with your Land Rover is of such a severe nature, it is an excellent idea to let a trained mechanic or technician properly diagnose the problem.

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