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Performance-based cars such as Porsche require being serviced every on schedule to ensure that performance is not compromised in any way. One of the leading factors that can damage the power and performance of your Porsche is neglecting the tires.

While most people become concerned with parts under the hood, the tires of your vehicle are arguably one of the most important components. If neglected, they will give serious issues to your smooth ride and expected performance.

If you believe it is time for your tires to be replaced or if you think your tires were damaged, it’s best to get professionals on the line to take a look. Replacing your tires, whether as standard maintenance or due to damage, is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency.

The Importance of Properly Protected Tires

As mentioned, tires are often overlooked when considering what needs to be serviced on your Porsche. However, your tires are the reason you move at all when you press down on the gas.

Additionally, understanding the system that your tires are connected to can give insight into why you should be trying to spot early damage on your tires before it gets worse.

Besides just rolling forward, the tires on your vehicle support the load of your entire car, allow traction between the road and the vehicle, as well as absorb shocks and bumps you may hit.

There are a number of factors that go into the manufacturing process of tires that allow your tires to withstand these impacts, but at the end of the day, a simple nail in the road can throw all that preparation out the window.

Additionally, the treads on your tires help to keep the traction on the ground when driving conditions get slick. As you drive, these treads decay and cause less traction to the road. This can lead to unsafe driving experiences in harsh conditions.

On that note, your tires are connected to an axle under the hood, and even the slightest bump from hitting the curb or something more serious can throw your vehicle’s alignment off. This means that your car may not be able to drive completely straight and could potentially veer, even though you believe the wheel is straight.

Ensuring you keep your tires properly protected from damage earlier rather than later is the best way to ensure the continued performance you have come to love from your Porsche.

How to Spot Tire Damage

Fortunately, given the importance of tires on a vehicle, there are a number of signs of tire damage that can occur. First and foremost, tires naturally need to be replaced as your car gets higher in mileage. If your car is well over 100,000 miles and you’ve never changed tires, it’s best to invest in some. However, here are some common signs and causes of tire damage:

Uneven Treads

If you have never had the tires rotated on your vehicle, then you probably have uneven treads on your tires. This happens due to the weight distribution of your vehicle and the disproportionate amount of stress put on some of your tires.


Inspect your tires every so often for cracks or cuts in the sidewalls of the tires. These serve as an indication that your tires may be about to fail. If spotted, this should be cause to take your car in right away to get serviced and new tires put on.

Vibrations While Driving

As mentioned, the tires on your Porsche absorb some of the road vibrations when driving. If your tires are damaged, however, these vibrations will be more apparent, especially as your tires wear down over time. Should your smooth ride begin to become bumpy, it’s best to order a pair of tires and take your Porsche into a professional shop for installation.

Porsche Tire Change

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