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The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor is one of the most important components of the electronic fuel injection system in your Porsche. This part is located in between the air filter and the intake manifold on your engine. The MAF measures how much air is entering the engine. This air is referred to as airflow.

In modern cars, the MAF contains an Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor. Most modern cars use a hot-wire type of MAF. The hot-wire MAF sensors contain a tiny electrically heated wire (the hot wire). A small temperature sensor that is located near the hot wire measures the temperature of the air.

When your engine is idling, air flows around the wire requiring a very low electric current to keep the wire hot. Any time you push down on the gas, the throttle opens which allows more air to flow around the hot wire. The airflow works to cool the hot wire down.

The more air that flows around the wire, the more of an electric current is needed to keep it hot. When working correctly, the amount of electrical current is in proportion to the amount of airflow.

The MAF sensor contains a small electronic chip that changes the electrical current into a digital signal that is then sent to the engine computer (or PCM). The PCM then takes that airflow signal and uses it to determine how much fuel to inject. The goal of these components is to keep the fuel and air ratio at the optimal level.

Signs That Your MAF Sensor is Failing

One of the more obvious signs that your MAF sensor is faulty is your check-engine light. If your check-engine light is on, you’ll want to use a code reader to see which diagnostic codes it displays. If you don’t have a code reader, most auto parts stores will have one you can use. The code P0101 is for the mass air flow sensor circuit range/performance.

Used by the engine computer, the MAF sensor to determine exactly how much fuel is needed to be injected in order to meet the proper air/fuel ratio. The MAF sensor also calculates engine load and could be trouble for the traction control system or the automatic shifting patterns for the vehicle.

More often than not, this code signifies that the MAF sensor is faulty, dirty, or obstructed, but could also mean damaged intake boot, vacuum leaks, clogged engine air filter, clogged catalytic converter, or restricted exhaust.

Because of the various possible reasons behind this code, if your engine is indicating the P0101 read-out, you should definitely have your vehicle inspected right away.

It’s important for your vehicle to have just the right air/fuel ratio. If your vehicle is getting too much fuel, it is called running rich and if your vehicle is getting too little fuel, it is called running lean. Either condition can cause your MAF sensor to send inaccurate information to the PCM and the PCM, in turn, underestimating or overestimating the amount of airflow.

Such an occurrence may temporarily improve your fuel efficiency but left unchecked for too long, your engine can take on some serious damage. The damage could lead to your engine hesitating, engine surging, hard engine seizures, and/or hard starting.

A faulty MAF sensor can actually cause your vehicle to drive poorly. Some symptoms include the engine stalling, hesitating, or jerking forward when your press down on the accelerator. If these issues were to occur while you were driving onto the highway using the on-ramp or in the city around many other drivers, you could end up in a very dangerous situation. If any of these symptoms are happening, your really should park your car until it can be seen by a licensed mechanic.

Motor Cars International for Repair of Your MAF Sensor

One of the number one causes of a MAF sensor Porsche MAF Sensor Repair failure is debris contamination. Contaminants such as motor oil, dirt, and debris can build up, clog, and damage the sensor. The best way to prevent clogging is to have regular oil changes at the proper intervals. Regular oil changes help ensure the oil stays clean.

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