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For half a century, Land Rover has represented the intersection of exploring off-road while doing so in style during city driving. Their long-standing history of quality four-wheel drive vehicles has made its way into the 2000’s as a premier luxury SUV. Land Rover, like its cousin the Jaguar, remains a British make tailored for those who will sacrifice nothing to ride in comfort.

It is still a car with its own unique upkeep requirements. One important issue not to be overlooked is the car’s struts. An issue with this component is dangerous because it can affect your Land Rover in a major way and can lead to huge issues with other components if not addressed properly when you suspect a problem.

How does the suspension system work in your vehicle?

The entire suspension system is ultimately what gives your land rover it’s luxurious ride. This is made of many components from shocks to the struts, and each part plays a vital role. By absorbing the bumps that come along with trekking through all terrain imaginable, these critical parts keep your ride smooth while you adventure without limits.

Whether you stick to the highway or push the limits of where your Land Rover can take you, the suspension takes a beating over time. Like tires, this is not the flashiest part of a car, but is critical to continuing to drive.

Signs of Suspension System Problems

There are many moving parts within the suspension itself. Below are some of the most common issues that can arise in the suspension system and lead to more serious issues:

  • Knocking or clanging sounds on any bumps: Obviously, your Land Rover can be driven almost anywhere. When off-roading, a clear sign that something has happened to the struts or another aspect of the suspension is a knocking sound when driving over any bump, no matter how small. This is an indication that a part has come loose or has loosened enough to be bumping into something else.
  • Change in ride in cabin: Ultimately, the appeal of a Land Rover is the quality of ride. If there is a noticeable difference in the smoothness, it means a part has already failed. The reason there are so many different unique parts to the suspension system. Each serves a different purpose to create the desired comfortable driving environment. If you are already noticing a difference in the feel riding down the road, it’s time to check the suspension or struts.
  • Altered or Uneven tire wear: Although not technically part of the suspension, the tires are intimately related to the entire system. If parts have worn out, it is fairly uncommon that they would do so in an evenly distributed way. Because tires require more consistent maintenance, this is an easy to spot problem. You can visually check on the overall health of the suspension by looking at your tire and any wear you see on the treads. Uneven wear in the tread is a sign that the tires are not rotating evenly. A professional Land Rover expert will be able to inspect and diagnose the problem for you quickly.

Check Differential Diagnostics Regularly

Like many other aspects of car maintenance, preventative care is the best approach. By keeping an eye on the signs or changes in your driving, more serious long-term threats can be avoided. It can be tricky to get down under the car and into the wheel wells so it is highly recommended a trained professional is engaged to inspect every aspect of your suspension system.

Motor Cars International is Here for You and Your Land Rover

Your suspension keeps the car running smoothly Land Rover Suspension Repair and keeps you out of the repair shop. At Motor Cars International, we have you covered to make sure your Land Rover keeps running the way it was designed.

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* Land Rover Discovery Car image credit goes to: bortnikau.

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