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A Dynamic Stability Control system, or a DSC system, is an advanced technology that Land Rovers utilize for its suspension control. The DSC system is a complicated design and requires professional maintenance to keep it functioning correctly. Let’s take a closer look at the purpose of your car’s DSC system and what problems could arise if it is not maintained.

The Brilliance of a DSC System

In most cars, the suspension system is made of parts that support your vehicle in a static way. Conversely, the DSC system is active, as it monitors and controls fine details of your Land Rovers support and operating system.

The DSC is so intuitive, it can control each wheel’s suspension and speed independently while driving. A large number of sensors are incorporated in the DSC system to detect changes and make adjustments for your car’s performance, providing a smooth ride and preventing damage to your Land Rover.

Warning Signs of DSC System Failure

Drifting and steering issues

If your system is failing, you could experience problems with drifting in and out of your driving lane and having trouble steering. The DSC system is designed to detect abnormalities in road conditions and adjust how our car performs. If the system begins to fail, you will not be able to control your Land Rover properly.

A service light will illuminate

If the DSC in your Land Rover malfunctions, your vehicle will warn you with a dashboard indicator for your DSC. Sometimes this can show as an ABS warning, since the anti-lock braking system is working with the DSC system.

Braking Issues

If you are experiencing braking issues, especially with your ABS system, it could be either the brakes or the DSC system. If you have any issues of this nature, take your vehicle to be checked by a professional Land Rover technician to determine the exact cause.

Speed Changes without explanation

Your DSC system also regulates your speed, based on road conditions. It does this so your Land Rover will not be damaged. If the speed is changing without any noticeable abnormal road conditions, the system may be malfunctioning. This can be dangerous, since the DSC system is a safety feature for your Land Rover. Do not take a chance by continuing to drive. Have your system checked by a professional.

Common Causes of a DSC System Failure

Causes of DSC system failure are usually due to a failing sensor or ABS brake issues. As mentioned, the DSC has many sensors that provide feedback to your car’s system. As with any newer technology, there may be problems that will show up over time that were not expected when designed. Electronic parts are especially susceptible to damage from vibration and heat.

Any issues with your Land Rover’s brake system can spell trouble for the DSC system, since both are interlinked very closely. Even low brake fluid can cause a malfunction in the system. Keeping adequate fluid levels in your care has never been as crucial as with the DSC system.

How to Prevent Issues

Some owners think by skipping scheduled maintenance, they can save money. The truth is, in the long run, not having your vehicle serviced can lead to a costly repair or accident later.

Servicing is more than an oil and filter change. Certified Land Rover technicians have been trained to inspect your entire car’s system for current or future problems. Land Rover’s extensive maintenance is designed to catch issues before they happen.

Where to Bring Your Land Rover

Not all shops are created equal. Your Land Rover DSC System Failure Fix Land Rover’s DSC system protects your car and your family while traveling on the road. Do not trust its maintenance to anyone not prepared to inspect, troubleshoot, or repair it correctly.

At Motor Cars International, serving Easton, Norton, Raynham, Sharon, and Bridgewater, MA, we are the go-to shop for Land Rover DSC system issues.

Our ASE-certified mechanics understand the intricacies of your Land Rover and know exactly what it needs to perform at its best. Whether you drive a Land Rover or other superior-engineered European model, we can keep your car safely on the road for thousands of miles.

Call us today to make an appointment to have your vehicle set up for the maintenance it deserves. Let us earn your trust for all your future repair and maintenance needs.

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