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Land Rovers are some of the most sought after vehicles for the comfort, style, and off-road abilities. They are usually powerful machines that can withstand the test of time and provide efficient services to their owners.

Parking brakes are also known as hand brakes or emergency brakes. These devices are operated by hand or by a push button, and they are used to lock the car into a position, preventing it from moving.

If the parking brake fails, this could lead to catastrophic accidents, putting the lives of the driver and passengers at critical risk. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that could cause your parking brake to malfunction.

Corrosion of the Cables

A common cause of parking brake failure is corrosion of the cables. Over time, accumulation of water and dirt in the system can cause the cables holding the parking breaks together to become corroded. When this happens, an attempt to use the parking brakes could lead to the cables snapping or could cause the brake pads to stick to the Land Rover’s wheels. This eventually causes the parking brakes to get stuck and not work.

If this corrosion happens to your parking brake, it could lead to a dangerous accident, putting the lives of people at risk if your car rolls downhill and into a pedestrian, building, or other vehicle. It’s important that the parking brake is regularly used and inspected during routine maintenance to prevent this from happening.

The Parking Brake Lever Could Break

The emergency brake system found in Land Rovers is a self-locking system. Once it is in use, it is designed to stay put, locking in place until the driver releases it. This is usually done by pressing a button or applying pressure to a lever.

Time and use can cause the lever system in the brake to become worn out. Once this happens, the springs could become less effective and bouncy. If the springs malfunction or wear out, this could prevent the parking brake from engaging or disengaging.

Problems with a Fluid Leak

Brake fluid is used in your Land Rover’s parking brake system. This acts as a hydraulic machine. The fluid is used to transport pressure to the tires of the car, causing the brakes to either engage or disengage.

If there is a leak of this brake fluid, this can cause reduced pressure in the brake system. Reduced pressure consequently causes the brakes to function slower. If the pressure is reduced significantly, this could cause the whole brake system to malfunction. Your Land Rover may either not stop when in motion or remain parked in the same position if the brakes will not release.

The Sensors Could Malfunction

The parking brake system requires sensors that detect whether the car is engaged or disengaged. It then shows a red warning light on the dashboard when the brakes are engaged.

Over time, the sensors could undergo wear and tear, reducing their sensitivity. If the sensors stop working, then the red warning light could be on continuously, even when the vehicle is in motion. This could confuse the driver as to if the brakes are engaged or not and cause unnecessary road accidents.

Overheated Brake Pads

If one drives with their parking brake engaged, then this can cause the brake pads to start overheating. People may forget to disengage the parking brakes when they shift their Land Rover into drive or reverse mode from being parked on an incline. If they drive the vehicle with the parking brakes still engaged, this could make the brake pads or brake shoes start wearing out prematurely. You may smell a hot, burning scent as a first warning sign that your parking brake is on while driving.

Motor Cars International will Fix All Your Brake Issues

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If your parking brakes malfunction, our team of mechanics will work tirelessly to ensure they are fixed or replaced in a timely manner. We are committed to providing the best services to our clients. We understand the importance of good working brakes in your Land Rover to provide safety to you and your passengers. So give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your service or maintenance.

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