Excellent road handling is just one of the many desirable features that come together to make driving a Mercedes such a unique experience. The superior handling can be attributed to the combined efforts of the suspension system and the front end steering system in your car.

It can be quite alarming then when the steering in your Mercedes becomes loose, sloppy, and less responsive. You may find yourself having to compensate and over-correct to maintain course. An issue with your front end steering requires immediate attention, as it can be dangerous when driver control is impeded in this way.

When the steering in your Mercedes is failing, it can usually be traced back to one of two things; wear on the suspension components or worn tie rods. This can be easily identified through a visual inspection of the vehicle.

The steering system is made up of a range of moving parts, from the steering wheel to the steering column and shaft, the pinion and rack, and the steering box, which is connected to the wheels via the tie rod joints. This whole system allows the wheels to turn in response to the driver maneuvering the steering wheel.

The front end suspension in your Mercedes plays a vital role, too, in steering stability, handling, and comfort. Front end suspension components are connected to the vehicle’s wheels by the ball joints.

Common Signs of Loose Front End Steering

  • Knocking sounds as you turn the steering wheel, or clunking and squeaking when driving slowly.
  • When your front end steering becomes loose you can sometimes feel vibrations through the steering wheel and the floor as you drive.
  • Steering is loose and you need to compensate. If the wheel pulls to the left or to the right on its own, this can be a sign of an issue with your steering system. It can also cause uneven wear on your tyres.

Loose Front End Steering

The two most common causes of front end steering in your Mercedes becoming loose are worn tie rods and worn ball joints.

Tie Rods

Properly-functioning tie rods are essential to the performance of your Mercedes steering system. Connecting the steering rack and pinion to the wheel with rods and ball and socket mechanism, they essentially cause the wheels to turn in a controlled manner.

The tie rods in your Mercedes take a lot of wear and tear but will eventually get worn down through normal usage, ultimately leading to reduced efficiency and reliability of steering. This is the most common issue leading to loose front end steering and is easily identified by loud knocking or clunking sounds coming when you turn the wheel. This can be especially apparent when driving at low speeds and taking severe turns.

Worn out tie rods can sometimes be remedied with adjustment or you may need to replace your Mercedes steering rack. Driving a car with reduced road handling as a result of loose end steering is potentially very dangerous so this issue should be addressed promptly.

Ball Joints

Like the tie rods, the ball joints connect the car’s suspension components to the wheels. In your Mercedes, there is both an upper and a lower ball joint, each of which are lubricated with grease, encased in a dust boot and sealed, keeping them free from dirt. The lower ball joints tend to wear out quicker. This wear is caused by reduced lubrication and can happen slowly over a long period of time.

Worn ball joints can often manifest in uneven tire wear, as your steering is pulled left and right. It can also be recognised when driving at slow speeds going over speed bumps, as the ball joints can make squeaking and banging sounds.

No matter the cause of your Mercedes front end steering becoming loose, it is essential to get it repaired to remain safe and able to control your car at all times.

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