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Despite the fact that BMWs are known and built for durability, they can nonetheless suffer during harsh winter conditions. During cold spells, the winter weather has a major impact on the performance and functionality of your BMW. This drop in car performance might be unpleasant and frustrating, and even dangerous because the winter season comes with a lot of weather risks.

The easiest way to ensure that the winter spell does not wreak havoc on your BMW is to keep up with the maintenance schedule throughout the year, especially as the season approaches.

It’s difficult to forecast the exact effect of the weather on your BMW; nonetheless, there are particular areas you should focus on while preparing your vehicle for the winter season. Here are some ways in which the winter spell can wreak havoc on your car.

Tire Wear

As the atmospheric temperature reduces, so does the tire pressure on your BMW. This might be a cause for concern, especially if you were not anticipating a decreased pressure level in your tire. When the tire pressure drops, it makes your BMW more vulnerable to tire wear, especially if you’re going at fast speeds in these weather conditions. Gradual tire wear will affect the overall performance of your BMW because it would not be able to drive at the speed you expect, and the engine will have to work more to move the car.

To make your BMW tires withstand the colder temperatures, it is critical to monitor pressure fluctuations and refill the tires with enough air as needed. It may also be beneficial to get your tires evaluated for punctures or soft places to reduce the likelihood of a flat or blowout. Always ensure that you have a spare in the trunk of your BMW to avoid getting stranded with a flat.

Life of the Battery

Cooler temperatures can have an impact on your battery’s ability to provide power. During a winter spell, the battery of your BMW works harder than normal to get your engine started because the engine might have been close to freezing. Batteries should be changed between 3 to 4 years or depending on how often you use them.

If you suspect that your BMW’s battery is failing, take it to a reputable auto repair shop for a quick inspection; maybe the battery is due for replacement. If you are sure that you will need a battery replacement in the near future, make sure you do it before the winter months arrive to avoid being stuck with your car.

Frozen Impairment

Snow, rain, and normal condensation all contribute to the accumulation of ice in different engine components that might store water because of the way they were designed.

Unfortunately, once the water warms up and unfreezes, there are some components that cannot effectively drain their water. This can cause corrosion and rust in those components that were working correctly before the arrival of winter. Making sure you run your engine every few days — especially when things are thawing — can help ensure those reserves of water evaporate rather than sitting and causing corrosion.

Thickening of Fluid

When your vehicle’s fluids, such as coolant or engine oil, are exposed to freezing temperatures, they become thick naturally. This can impair your car’s ability to work correctly or perform optimally.

Sadly, there’s little to nothing you can do about this. Just park your BMW in a warm garage and always let the engine warm up before driving out.

Let The Expert Mechanics At Motor Cars International Help You In The Winter Months

At Motor Cars International, we adopt a systematic BMW Battery Check and holistic approach to automobile repair and maintenance. We are focused on preventive vehicle care to maintain your BMW in the greatest condition possible while avoiding costly and intrusive repair work.

Periodic maintenance is essential for your BMW to survive the winter months. Using factory-quality diagnostic tools and technology, our technicians will do everything that is needed for your vehicle to survive the winter months. We serve car owners from Easton, Norton, Raynham, Sharon, and Bridgewater, MA. Contact us now to book a winter-preparatory inspection or to just talk with one of our automotive professionals.

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