Land Rover owners are responsible for the upkeep of their cars, so it is important to know what symptoms mean problems that require service. Blown head gaskets, for example, cause many symptoms that can negatively-affect the entire engine. It requires a bit of investigation and testing to determine a crack in the head gasket.

Unfortunately, the only way to deal with head gasket leaks is to replace it, which is usually a labor-intensive process. We highly recommend replacing the gasket rather than continuing to run your car with a blown gasket, as doing so will only worsen the problem and require an engine rebuild or replacement.

Before you go head to one of our mechanics for an inspection and diagnostic test on your Land Rover’s engine, take a look at the most common signs to look for when attempting to diagnose a possible head gasket leak.

Engine Overheating

Head gaskets serve as a sealant between the engine block and engine head. When a head gasket cracks from constant expansion and compression, the seal between the block and head is compromised, allowing for antifreeze or motor oil to flow into the engine cylinders freely.

Over time, the coolant can leak out partially or entirely and leave the engine’s components without lubrication. This will cause heat to rise as metal rubs against metal, raising the temperature of the engine to intolerable conditions. Your Land Rover’s engine will then suffer from overheating, and you’ll be left with a damaged powertrain system if left unattended.

White or Colored Smoke

Head gaskets keep motor oil and coolant from leaking into the combustion chamber of your Land Rover’s engine. Leaks caused by a cracked gasket allow these fluids to flow into the cylinder. They burn up during the fuel combustion cycle. This mixture causes white smoke to emit from your Land Rover’s tailpipe that is often sweet-smelling, due to the purposefully-identifiable scent of coolant. The smoke can also be blue or red, depending on the type of antifreeze and motor oil your engine uses.

General Fluid Leaks

Just as fluids can leak into the engine cylinders, fluids can leak out of the engine entirely. You may notice these fluids pooling underneath your car that can be antifreeze, oil, or both. In extreme cases, you’ll be able to visibly observe the fluids leaking from the head gasket when running your Land Rover with the hood open. While an oil or coolant leak can be due to numerous potential causes, a combination of both is most likely the result of a blown head gasket.

Additionally, some water-cooled engines with a head gasket leak will suffer from excess water leaking out the tailpipe. Although the combustion process typically produces water, excess water leakage from the exhaust is a sure sign of a leaky gasket.

Oil Problems

Yet another fluid-related symptom of a blown head gasket is milky-colored oil. Though cracks in the head gasket may not cause external leaks or cylinder contamination, cracks that run from coolant lines to oil lines can cause both fluids to mix. That’s why engines that suffer from head gasket leaks sometimes run less efficiently, as oil mixed with antifreeze causes the engine to work harder and increases fuel consumption to compensate. Therefore, milky-colored oil, or a drop in your engine’s overall power, are sure signs of a head gasket leak.

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