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When it comes to keeping a car as reliable as a Mini functioning properly, it’s important to ensure that all the parts under the hood are kept in as good a working order as possible. Not doing so can leave your car vulnerable to more damaging issues that may arise if even a single piece of broken equipment is allowed unchecked.

For that reason, ensuring that you are keeping your Mini properly serviced is the best way to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride that lasts for years to come. Transmission problems can alter that overall goal in detrimental ways, and any issues with your vehicle’s transmission need to be looked at by a professional right away, due to how important the part is to your car.

Course: Transmission 101

The transmission system on your vehicle is a complex system that involves numerous parts which can all have problems. If any of these individual parts has a problem, it’s more than likely that the entire transmission system will have a problem as well.

However, to actually understand the importance of this system and why you should take your vehicle in for immediate service when problems arise, you need to understand what exactly the transmission system does. In short, the transmission is the vital link that allows your car to drive. Without it, automatic vehicles would not be able to move.

The transmission increases torque and allows your Mini to accelerate to certain levels, which prevents your engine from working harder than it needs to in order to move the car. In an automatic vehicle, the transmission uses a number of sensors that tell the car when it is time to shift gears. When necessary, the transmission shifts the engine’s gears and allows a different amount of power to be output from the car.

Without the transmission, your car would likely stall out or be completely undriveable, as your engine would have no idea which gear to be in on its own. In a manual car, the driver somewhat serves as their own transmission by shifting gears when necessary. Regardless of automatic or manual, the transmission is one of the most important pieces of machinery on any vehicle on the road.

Common Signs of a Failing Transmission

Fortunately for all Mini drivers, there are clear signs when your transmission has problems and it is time for a visit to the shop for replacement. These signs are easy to spot if you know what to look for, so stay vigilant and keep an eye on your Mini’s performance. Should you notice any of the below signs, take your car into the shop right away without hesitation.

Your Car Won’t Switch Gears

As discussed, the transmission is responsible for keeping your car moving out on the road by regulating which gears your vehicle is in. To that end, if the transmission becomes in need of service, it’s possible that your car will refuse to switch gears. If this happens, you’ll easily notice as your car will make a large amount of noise when you accelerate or decelerate in the wrong gear and the engine gives the wrong amount of power.

Grinding or Shaking

If you suspect that your transmission may have a problem, watch your RPMs the next time you accelerate or decelerate. If you watch carefully, you can see when your car switches gears. Should your vehicle shake or grind at that moment, it’s more likely than not that you have transmission problems.

Burning Smell

Your transmission problem may be something as simple as the transmission overheating or the transmission fluid getting too hot. If this happens, you’re likely to notice a pungent burning smell that is a good indication of something being wrong.

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