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One of the last things that a driver would ever want to malfunction on their automobile is the braking system. One of the key components of any brake system is the brake tensioner. The brake tensioner system ensures that the brake shoes are returned to their correct position. This drum brake system is currently only used in rear wheels and the emergency brake.

The brake shoes are supposed to be held to the backing plate securely, and when the brakes are applied, they are supposed to be adjusted to provide enough friction to bring the automobile to a stop. A loosened brake tensioner may not be able to adjust the brake shoes enough when applying the brakes, affecting the automobile’s ability to come to a timely stop. Needless to say, this is a dangerous problem to have, especially when driving at high speeds. Highway driving requires even more friction to be applied to the drum brakes when having to come to a quick stop.

Often drivers are reluctant to bring their cars to the mechanic if they can convince themselves that their car is still drivable. However, you can see that driving with a noticeably damaged or loose brake tensioner can result in far worse losses than the one your wallet will take when you bring your car in for servicing.

What to Observe When Your Brake Tensioner is Loose

There are clear signs that you can take note of that will tell you that your brake tensioner is loose. One symptom of a loose brake tensioner is unresponsive brakes. It will take greater force on your part to press on the brake pedal, resulting in delayed braking which can be extremely dangerous, especially at highway speeds. This will also occur when you apply the parking brake, since the parking brake is controlled by the same drum brake system that controls the rear wheels.

You will be able to feel the looseness of the parking brake. Perhaps the vehicle will shift a bit more than usual when entering and exiting the vehicle. A loose parking brake might lead to disaster when parking on a steep hill.

Another potential problem that you may observe is the vehicle shifting or pulling to one side while you are braking. A dirty mechanism may be the culprit of these problems, and a thorough cleaning of the brake tensioner may do the trick. However, if a cleaning doesn’t work, these symptoms will get worse over time as the brake tensioner gets looser.

Severity of a Loose Brake Tensioner

Like many other automobile problems, a loose brake tensioner may not seem like such a big deal when you first notice the symptoms. It may take a little more pressure on the brake to bring your vehicle to a stop, but that’s not so bad, right? Why should you shell out money on such a minor malfunction? The answer lies in the fact that a loose brake tensioner will lead to your brake pads disintegrating much faster than they normally would. This could lead to a potentially dangerous situation while the automobile is in motion.

If it is the money that you are worried about, replacing the whole brake system will result in even more money thrown down the drain. It is always worth the trouble to take your car in for servicing immediately if you notice something wrong with the way it drives or brakes. Preventative measures are what keeps hundred dollar problems from becoming thousand dollar problems.

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