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Mercedes are high-performing luxury vehicles, but without routine service and maintenance, you may find that your vehicle is susceptible to a number of issues, including an oil leak. Oil leaks can manifest as oil drips under your vehicle or your check oil light might illuminate on your dashboard. These can be the result of a more serious issue that you need an inspection and repairs by an automotive technician as soon as possible.

Reasons You Might Have an Oil Leak

If your vehicle is showing signs of an oil leak, it may be experiencing one of the following issues:

Worn, Corroded, or Improper Replacement of Drain Plug

The drain plug located in the oil pan is used during oil changes to drain the old fluid in the engine. This means the plug is intended to keep a seal when replaced to ensure fluid does not continue to come out of the oil pan after being serviced. Over time, an oil drain plug can become worn or corroded, leading to it not properly sealing to the oil pan and creating a leak.

In addition, some mechanics, or yourself if you change your own vehicle’s oil, may not replace the drain plug properly. When not threaded properly or tightened too much, there is a risk that your drain plug’s threads can become stripped and cause a leak. Additionally, if the drain plug is replaced and not tightened enough, then it will not create the necessary seal and cause oil to slowly leak from the pan.

Cracked Valve Cover or Failed Valve Gasket Seal

The valve cover is used to cover the top of the engine, protecting the engine’s machinery and preventing oil from leaking out as it travels around the engine to lubricate all of the parts. If the valve cover becomes cracked, damaged, or misaligned, then oil may begin to leak from the valve cover.

Another way the oil can leak from the valve cover is if the valve gasket seal fails. The valve gasket is responsible for sealing the valve cover to the top of the engine. If the seal begins to wear or becomes damaged or corroded, then it can fail and oil may leak from the valve cover at the valve gasket.

Improper Replacement of Oil Filter

Oil filters must be regularly replaced because they are responsible for removing contaminants that have mixed into the vehicle’s oil over time. If an oil filter is replaced, but the wrong size is used or it is replaced incorrectly, then your vehicle may experience a leak at the oil filter.

Worn or Incorrectly Replaced Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan gasket is used to secure the oil pan underneath the vehicle’s engine block. It is intended to create a seal that prevents oil from leaking out as it moves between the oil pan and the engine. If the oil pan gasket is worn, then it will not properly seal and cause an oil leak.

Another way oil might leak from the oil pan gasket is if it is fastened back on incorrectly. When the oil pan gasket is not fastened on tightly enough, there may be an oil leak. However, if the fasteners are tightened too tightly their threads can become stripped and cause a leak as well.

Loose Cambox Covers

If the oil is leaking from the passenger side of your vehicle, then it is probably coming from the cambox covers. These cover the camshafts, which are lubricated by engine oil, so if the cover becomes loose, then oil may leak out.

How to Prevent an Oil Leak

Regular maintenance and service, such as an oil change, is one of the primary ways you can prevent your vehicle from having an oil leak. When undergoing routine service, a technician can examine your vehicle for any worn parts that may cause issues later. If advised to replace a part, it is important to consider what issues your vehicle may face later if you choose to not have the recommended maintenance.

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